Sure, it's January 27th, but better late than never, right? :)
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(Can't believe how little we look in 2012! I love it, haha.) 

Noteworthy Things in 2015

Ben was invited to give a talk at a conference in San Francisco
Lex got a promotion at work
Found out in May that we'd be having a 2016 baby!
We moved out of the city in June
Ben started a company with a group of Wash U students & has been staying quite busy
Were tickled pink in September to learn that Baby A is a girl!
Snuck away for a little "babymoon" in November

Popular Things in our Home

audiobooks & Goodreads
moving boxes
Saturday morning bike rides
yoga pants
BYU and Denver Broncos apparel
stockpiling baby items

Places Traveled

Ben: San Francisco, CA; Marco Island, FL;
Lex: Chicago, IL; St. George, UT
Both: Chicago, IL; Salt Lake City, UT; Rexburg, ID; Denver, CO; West Palm Beach, FL

Number of Papers Written

Ben: 5 million. He's a rockstar!
Lex: 0

Number of Books Read

Ben: 2
Lex: 61

2015 was a great year and we were extremely blessed with good health, a baby on the way, and several opportunities to serve, grow, and develop. We are looking forward to what (the rest of) 2016 brings and wish you all a fabulous year!  

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