baby growing: week 39.

 week 39 // 1-28-15 

How far along? 39 weeks.

How big is baby? The size of a mini watermelon.

Total weight gain? 27 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Oh, most definitely. Unless I'm at home - then I just throw on a pair of sweats and a pajama shirt.

Sleep? I'm waking up every 2 hours on average and am still sleeping sitting up. It's fine, I'm just excited for this heartburn to go away so I can lie down again!

Food cravings? This week potatoes sounded delicious! I thought of Cafe Rio at one point and got sad that the closest one is almost 13 hours away.

Food aversions? None.

Movement? Every few hours she'll get pretty wiggly. At one point this week she was moving in 3 directions all at once. It was comical and painful.

Belly button in or out? It's still half in, half out.

Weird pregnancy things? The usual + lots of swelling this week! My body is retaining water like it's going out of style, and that's a real confidence booster. ;) I can still wear my wedding ring, but if baby doesn't come for another week or two I might have to forgo wearing it for a little bit.

Best moment of the week? Ben's great and has been giving me the best foot rubs each night!

At my appointment on Monday the doctor said that I was still sitting at a 2 and she expected me to be back the following Monday. Boo. We discussed some potential induction dates, but my hope is that Baby A will decide to come on her own in the next few weeks. Until then, I need to find a craft to start, or a good book, or something!

things i'm dreaming of {january}:

seersucker summer baby outifts.
beautiful bouquets I'd love to have on my kitchen table.
this rug! I just die.
the patience and skill to attempt this hair style.
these, these, these! I'm in love.
a letterboard to add to the living room.
this homemade snack to add to the rotation.
some curtains for the living room, too. (Feeling the itch to finally decorate- can you tell?)
a caloric splurge of goodness! Ground beef and potatoes? It's a pregnant lady's dream.

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// As I've gotten further along in my pregnancy, this blog has turned into mostly weekly bump updates. Bumpdates, if you will. And even then, I can't tell you how impressed I am with myself for sticking with it since the blog is the first thing to go when I'm sick or busy or looking for focus again. However, I'm hoping that over the next few months my drive to continue posting will return and fingers crossed it isn't all baby/kid stuff. ;)

// Ben and I stayed up until 12:30am last night watching clips from Jimmy Fallon's YouTube channel and completely lost it when this clip played. We couldn't stop laughing and I'm pretty sure I haven't cried so hard in quite a while. My favorite moments in marriage are the ones that you can't capture with a camera.

// I've been completely awful the last month to month and a half at setting aside time to read. I have a stack of books on my nightstand that I'm interested in getting through, I just haven't found the motivation to start them. After recently feeling like my brain was slightly turning to mush, I downloaded a few eBooks and audiobooks from my library app and have done much better at using "down" time to get through those. Now if only I could get myself to physically pick up a book.

// The weirdest thing about waiting for baby to come any day now is not being able to make concrete plans or commit to being at events. Dinner with friends in a week? Can't promise we'll be there. Cooking club next month? Probably not. Early morning meeting on Sunday? Possibly. It's so incredibly hard for me not to have a set date and time, and just go with the flow. ;)

// I have a little huge travel bug right now. With gas prices as cheap as they are, I'm itching to go on a road trip and explore a new city or state! I'd probably drive to Kansas City or Indianapolis (both on my 2016 list!) if we weren't expecting a major life-altering event to occur any day. . .

// I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to my maternity leave. My job and coworkers are great, but I'm so excited to take a break and focus on my family 100% for a few months. Everyone keeps telling me how fast it's going to fly by and how I won't be able to get anything done with a newborn, but we'll see! Once baby is a little bit older and it starts to warm up outside I'm hoping to get out of the house and explore some local attractions that I haven't yet seen. Or I might just settle for a shower. We'll see. :)


listening: to the wedding songs station on Pandora
making: a "to-do" list of things that need to get done before baby comes
cooking: very mild enchiladas and cilantro lime rice (worth the heartburn)
drinking: ice water
wanting: a pedicure :)
looking: at Goodreads
playing: the waiting game with baby
wasting: sleeping time by staying up too late reading the last few nights
wishing: for a new wardrobe
eating: strawberry yogurt
enjoying: all the small baby things around our apartment
reading: Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling
waiting: for baby
liking: mint Oreos. Too much.
wondering: why certain presidential candidates are receiving as much support as they are
loving: fruit and hamburgers this pregnancy
hoping: to catch the Jerusalem film at the Omnimax theater with Ben this weekend
marveling: at some current stories in the news
needing: a new mattress and pillow
smelling: something citrus-y
wearing: scrub pants and a long-sleeved black shirt
following: some pretty creative ladies on Instagram
knowing: how ridiculous The Bachelor is and still loving the hilarious weekly blog recaps over here
thinking: about the need to document life more
feeling: like I need a boost of energy
bookmarking: new online clothes stores
opening: another gallon of milk. Who am I??
giggling: at how swollen by face, hands, legs, and feet are getting

baby growing: week 38.

week 38 // 1-21-15 

How far along? 38 weeks.

How big is baby? The size of a leek.

Total weight gain? 25 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Oh, most definitely.

Sleep? It's hit or miss. People keep joking with me that I'll actually sleep better once baby arrives and I can lie down flat again, even if it only for 2 hours here and there. ;)

Food cravings? Burgers. Always. There's just something about the thought of ground beef with fresh, crispy veggies and ketchup. . . In fact, I could go for a burger right now and it's barely 7am.

Food aversions? None.

Movement? Lots. Unfortunately, there isn't much room in there for her to move around and it's getting extremely uncomfortable. (Probably for her, too. Haha.)

Belly button in or out? Half in, half out. So confused by this.

Weird pregnancy things? All of the usual things + lightening crotch. That's a new one this week. I'm finding that although it painful, it isn't as awful as everyone makes it out to be. Hoping that this means full-on contractions won't be as bad as everyone says, too?? Wishful thinking, probably.

Best moment of the week? Had an appointment on Monday and was dilated to a 2, but the doctor didn't seem to think that things would be moving along too fast. Baby is still sitting high and has yet to drop. Mentally preparing myself to be pregnant for eternity.