baby growing: week 23

Hanging out with the bump at work. Haha. 
week 23 // 10-8-15 
How far along? 23 weeks.

How big is baby? The size of a grapefruit or large mango.

Total weight gain? 13 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Yes. Picked up a pair of maternity leggings this week and they're the best!

Sleep? Had a little trouble sleeping this week. My heartburn was pretty bad Sunday night and the giant pile of pillows I was using to elevate my head/upper half didn't seem to help, so I slept sitting up in a recliner. My back and hips have started hurting at night and I'm waking up multiple times to switch sides. Rant over. :)

Food cravings?
1) Ground beef! In fact, it was the only thing that sounded yummy on Monday so I switched up our meal plan and spontaneously made some Sloppy Joe's for dinner- they were amazing. Anyone else probably would have thought they were mediocre, but. . . cravings! I've also had hamburgers and cabbage pies on the brain all week.

2) Chocolate. But, sadly, I realized that it's one of my triggers for heartburn, so I'm trying to avoid it.

3) I've also been going through an impressive amount of milk the past few weeks which is a huge deal for me since I hate milk. Pre-pregnancy: Ben and I would go through maybe 1.5 gallons in a month. Now: we're averaging a gallon of milk every 4-6 days. Hahaha. Lots of cereal and breakfast drinks being consumed over here.

Food aversions? Chicken? It hasn't been grossing me out, but it's still not my first choice of meat.

Movement? Yup!

Belly button in or out? In. Thank heavens.

Weird pregnancy things? Bad heartburn, swollen feet, regular Braxton Hicks contractions (I feel so lame calling them contractions when they feel like small cramps), and fabulously long nails! I am, however, still waiting for that great pregnancy hair to arrive... ;)

Best moment this week? Getting foot rubs from Ben!