26 books challenge.

One of my favorite things is to browse Pinterest when I have a few minutes to kill (e.g., waiting on someone, riding the metro, a lunch break, etc). It's where I get most of my meal ideas for dinners (tried recipes here!), it encourages me to break out the craft supplies every once in a while, and I've found that I'm able to get book recommendations by the handful.

I came across this little book challenge while I was browsing the other day and thought it would be fun to see how many of the books I could get through before baby comes (3.5 months!). I'm aiming for 10, but we'll see how many new shows get added to Netflix if that happens. Eventually I'd love to cross off every single one, but all in good time!

Book #1: A book you own but haven't read...

I've had Tuesdays with Morrie on my bookshelf for almost 6 months now and I'm going into it with high hopes.


  1. You know it's funny because after we chatted on Sunday I kept thinking about a book I could recommend to you. So often I get in a funk and think I have to recommend the latest and greatest, when really, some of my favorite books have not been published in the last decade. That said, I have a novel I'd like to loan to you, titled Alias Grace, which I think you'd enjoy.

    1. Oh, you're so sweet to think about recommendations! I would love to borrow the book from you.