Sunday dress + gems heard in Primary.

I know you probably can't focus on anything in this picture other than my pasty white legs, but check out this fabulous dress from eShakti! Not only only does it have pockets (!!!) and a removable sash, it's customized. That's right, every single dress from eShakti is customized! I was feeling pretty fancy when I picked what neckline I wanted, my desired sleeve length, and the length of the hem. I'm really loving this dress, minus the fact that it's a bit hard to get out of it since the zipper is on the side and I chose a higher neckline. Oops. :) Regardless, I'm quite thrilled with how the dress turned out and will definitely be purchasing one in the future. Check out eShakti on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest - you'll be amazed at how different every dress is!

P.S. $30 off your first order right now when you create an account.
And now for some gems heard in Primary...

7-year old boy: "My pretend friend Wendy won't stop punching me in the back and it's getting reeeeeally annoying."

Playing Charades during Sharing Time:
7-year old boy huddled in a ball on the floor: "Guess what I am!"
*5 minutes of guessing ensues and no one can figure it out*
Sister D: "Okay, we give up! What are you?!"
7-year old boy: "Well I can't remember the name of it, but it's this animal in the ocean that can protect itself..."

Me to an 8-year old boy in my class: "You look so dapper today with your sweater and gelled hair!"
8-year old boy: "Ugh! All of the girls keep telling me that!!"

Describing the "perfect" world during Sharing Time:
Sister W to an 8-year old boy: "What would you guys imagine is in the 'perfect' world?"
8-year old boy: "A fountain!"
6-year old boy: "Streets for the cars."
A teacher: "Good schools that keep kids engaged and entertained."
8-year old boy: "Magic necklaces and bracelets that give you 30 wishes!"

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