girls' night Christmas party!

I'm all for girls' nights, and I'm all for Christmas. Combine the two and you've got yourself a pretty fun and festive evening! My friend, Lauren, and I decided to make it happen, so we threw a few games and activities together, and set up a hot chocolate bar. Homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows, and cinnamon sprinkled on top...combined with Christmas cookies? Too much goodness. And probably a thousand too many calories. ;)

The best thing we did was slap some wrapping paper up on a wall, hang some colorful lights, and buy photo booth props from the dollar store. So. Much. Fun! Such an easy and fun activity, and now we have (a million) pictures from the night!
 (If you want to know more of the specifics, check out my post here!)


  1. This is such a cute idea - and I love a photo booth and the cute props! x

  2. This makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I miss everyone of those faces!! Merry Christmas!