workout must-haves: colorful and carefree

Although I don't personally own these shoes, I know a few people who have said they only use this brand and will never, ever change that because they're comfier than Nikes.  (I haven't tried them on, therefore, I have no opinions.)

I've said it before, but my heart rate monitor is so stinking awesome.  I love that it beeps whenever I'm out of my target heart rate range, and I can see how many calories I'm burning.

Yay for Champion sports bras!  Why?  Because they're cheap, come in all colors, and comfy!  I know there are a million better quality ones out there, but if you're not wanting to drain your bank account, try this brand from Target.

I'm dreaming of these shorts being in my closet.  I've heard the material is quite breathable, and perfect for hot, humid weather.  (Yay for living by the Mississippi River.)  They come in over 50 different colors and patterns, so that's also fun.

Headphones.  Music.  Enough said.

This is one of my favorite light jackets/pullovers ever.  It's something I wear all of the time and usually throw on as soon as I get home from work.  I love how I don't get super hot in this while running, and I love the soft material.


Do you track your food?  I've heard lots of positive and negative things about keeping a "food diary" and tracking what you eat, but I like being able to see what I've eaten.  I had been using My Fitness Pal to track exercise and food, but it just wasn't cutting it for me.  I lost interest in it quickly.  However, about a month ago, Ben discovered Lose It!, and we've really enjoyed this app.*  You can scan the bar codes on your food for easy entry, join fitness challenge groups, add your own personal recipes, track how many steps you take each day, and I simply like the overall layout better.  The free version has been great for me, but if you upgrade (I think it's $40/year), it tracks a whole lot more for you.  I've logged every single day for over a month and a half, and it motivates me to hit my calories each day without going too far over or under.

*Disclaimer:  For me, tracking my food isn't about losing weight.  It's about being able to see what I'm putting into my body, and making sure that I balance out my cookies and broccoli. :)

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  1. I will say I like my Champion brand capris better than my Nikes. I think they're both more comfortable and more flattering. And they were a quarter of the price.