things i'm dreaming of {february}:


Oops, we're a few days into March already.  It happens. :)

a light, crocheted pullover.
this gel that's supposed to be great for getting rid of dry skin.
a perfectly flavored fruity cake.
doTERRA Breathe Essential Oil Blend.
a perfect top for spring.
this book that I've been hearing a lot about.
a trip to here.
a Sonnet James dress in white and coral.
bubble bath for stress relief.


  1. the husband's secret is so good! i loved it & read it in 2 days because i couldn't put it down!! also, that stress relief bubble bath is the best. smells fantastic too! :)

  2. What a nice list! I could certainly use a bubble bath right now...and I think I would add lindt truffles to this list to just make it perfect haha.

  3. I want the crocheted pullover! (and the dream vacation:)