ramblings of our weekend.

Our Friday night plans to check out the Hispanic festival downtown were ruined by this crazy, huge rainstorm (Yay for tornados!).  Instead we met up with some friends, found a frozen yogurt place called Mr. Wizzard's in a sketchy neighborhood, and watched the Utah/Utah State football game.  Definitely a fun night!

(How I feel about this rain.)

Saturday, we made some treats for the ward picnic, watched the BYU/Weber State game with a group of friends, and ventured over to the Cardinals game.  Our next door neighbor happens to work for the Cardinals and gave us some extra tickets he had.  Score!

This morning Ben prepared a 20-23 minute talk an hour before church started, and was perfectly cool and collected during the whole thing!  There's absolutely no way I could do that.  (Our ward out here in St. Louis only has two speakers for each Sacrament meeting.  Meaning, if you're asked to speak, you have to fill 20-23 minutes.  It's great...sometimes hard to pay attention.)

Visiting Teaching out here is majorly different.  Back at home, I could walk a few houses down, knock on their front door, and be home 30 minutes later.  Here, you drive for 20 minutes, find a parking spot, have to be buzzed up to their apartment/loft, and then repeat for the next girl.  In all honesty, it's really, really great.  And I'm lucky to have such a caring visiting teaching partner and lovely ladies to visit.

We were invited over to a family in our ward's house for dinner tonight.  They have two sets of twin boys born two years apart.  Dinner was a party and a half!  And the cheesecake dessert was divine.

And right now, each time the Broncos make a touchdown, I get a high-five.  :)


  1. Um. Cardinals game??? So jealous. Also, your papa would be proud to here I've been converted to BSU. and St. Louis is gorgeous.

  2. Oh, I'll have to tell him. :) Don't worry, I still get texts each time BSU plays!