our first apartment: part 1.

This is for those of you who asked to see our apartment!  We'll start with half of the living room and eventually I'll get the rest of the apartment done.  (The other half of the living room just has a cabinet, floor lamp, and a pile of boxes until we get our couch next month.)

Some things are temporary until I can find better.  I'm definitely open to suggestions!  Also, I'm looking for cream or gold wood letters if anyone knows of a place that sells cheap ones... some Etsy shops charge $20/letter and that's ridiculous.


  1. oh my gosh your home looks so beautiful! and that frame with the picture of Christ in it...ok, i realize you painted it, but is that all you did? cause it looks sooooo good!

    1. Thanks, Megan! So I painted the details lightly so that the gold would show in the cracks. Hopefully that makes some sense. Because the frame was textured, I didn't paint down in the cracks, just the tops of the bumps?