i wish i was Greek.

With all of the storm "residue" from Hurricane Isaac, we had some pretty impressive rainstorms (and tornado warnings) this past weekend.  And then the rain continued throughout the week for no good reason.  Thanks to the break in rain on Labor Day, we were able to explore the city with some of our friends here and check out the local Greek festival!  Oh, was it ever sa-weet!  We stuffed our bellies with delicious gyros (new fav) and Greek fries, watched elderly men fill their bellies with some strong drinks, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing "opa" being shouted over and over and over while music and dancing commenced.  Who needs cable when you've got drunk people around?

After stuffing ourselves, we headed over to Wash U where Ben took us around and showed us what buildings he'll be "living" in for the next few years.

And now, two random pictures:

From our living room window, you can barely even see Illinois (across the river) with all of this rain!

We finally got serving bowls!

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