happy one month, sweet girl!

It seems like just yesterday Ben and I were headed to the hospital so this cutie could make her way into the world. Somehow between all of the late night feedings and multiple diaper changes, and perfect snuggly moments and messy blowouts, a month seems to have slipped through our fingers. It's been incredibly fulfilling to take care of this sweet girl each day and to watch Ben take on the role of "Dad" as he interacts and bonds with her. He's the first one to get her out of bed in the morning and the last one to give her goodnight kisses, and it makes my heart oh so happy. What a joy it's been to have her around this past month and we can't wait for many more months and years to come!

Nicknames: Estee Babe, Estee B, Piglet, Little Miss Piggy, Sweet Pea

Clothing: She just grew out of her three newborn sleepers this week (I'm devastated!) and is wearing clothing in size 0-3 months. She's still wearing newborn sized diapers.

- staring at lights and fans
- staring at the picture of the temple in our living room (probably just the contrast of the black frame against the white wall ;)
- having her back rubbed or patted
- nursing
- driving in the car/the freeway
- baths
- being worn in the wrap
- her swing
- her Rock 'n Play if she's asleep
- lounging in the sun
- moving in general (car, stroller, swing, the wrap, being held while walking/bouncing)
- snuggling while being burped

- binkies
- the process of being swaddled
- her carseat
- sitting in her Rock n Play if she's awake
- cold bottles
- liquid vitamin D

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