hospital photos.

I totally get it now! I never understood how moms could run out of storage space on their phones, but when you think everything your kid does is adorable, it gets documented. ;) Ben and I definitely took way too many pictures during our 58 hours in the hospital, but looking back I'm glad we have them. (And I look through them all of the time. ;) They aren't fancy, but here are just a few of my favorites:

^^ When baby was about an hour old :) ^^
^^ Baby and her babushka ^^
^^ Watching the Superbowl with Dad // Waiting with Mom to go home ^^
^^ Lazy Sunday afternoon ^^
^^ Getting dressed to go home // Snuggles with Dad ^^

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  1. We call Cece babushka. Oops. I should look things up first.