things I'm dreaming of {february}:

this skirt, which is way more flashy than 99% of my closet.
a treat with a purpose that wouldn't have to be shared. :)
having the energy to throw a taco party.
a bottle of this to add to baby's nightly routine.
this simple hair style.
a recipe perfect for the upcoming warmer months.
motivation to attempt this pattern for baby.
rice krispy treats with a twist.

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  1. That taco party is everything! Also, Cheryl's Herbs in Maplewood is a fantastic place to get essential oils for a fraction of the cost of that other fancy version. I made my first visit to the store shortly after becoming a mama. ;)

    1. Ahh- I'm all for saving money. I'll have to make a trip over there this weekend! Thanks for the tip, Miranda. :)