things i'm dreaming of {january}:

seersucker summer baby outifts.
beautiful bouquets I'd love to have on my kitchen table.
this rug! I just die.
the patience and skill to attempt this hair style.
these, these, these! I'm in love.
a letterboard to add to the living room.
this homemade snack to add to the rotation.
some curtains for the living room, too. (Feeling the itch to finally decorate- can you tell?)
a caloric splurge of goodness! Ground beef and potatoes? It's a pregnant lady's dream.

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  1. That rug is seriously stunning!

    1. Oh, I just love it so much! I especially love how easy it'd be to decorate around it with lots of color, or play off of the neutrals to tone it down. :)

  2. Those flowers are everything. I think Ben somehow needs to magically procure a little bouquet for you. :) Ps. Flowers and Weeds is my favorite St. Louis place for all things floral!

    1. Before we got married I told him I expect flowers 4 times a year: Valentine's Day, our anniversary, my birthday, and one random day of his choosing. (Haha- I'm high maintenance.) I also told him I expect a really lovely bouquet when I push out a baby... so I'll definitely be passing along the name of the floral shop to him. ;)