i hope your friday is filled with doughnuts.

I've been thinking a lot this week about a few comments I heard in lessons at church on Sunday, which to be honest, is pretty rare for me. I'm definitely guilty more often than not of going to church and never giving a second thought to what was said as I go about my week unless it was one of those Sundays where I'm assaulted with everything I've been looking for/needing to hear. 

Here's a very rough summary of my favorite comment made on Sunday: we're all looking for lovely things in our lives and what one person considers to be lovely doesn't necessarily touch another person the same way.

I've been trying to focus more this week on what I find lovely. What makes me happy. What draws me closer to God and lifts my heart. And I've been thinking about why we're sometimes hesitant to share that with others around us.  

So here's a picture of a doughnut. To me it's a reminder of the morning after Ben had to meet a rather big deadline and the first morning in a long time that he was able to take a breath and slow down. Even though it was a work day, we didn't set any alarms for 5:30am and instead woke up to the sun. Upon discovering that it was (supposedly) National Doughnut Day (still can't tell if it was or wasn't!), we walked a few blocks out of our way to pick up doughnuts before jumping on the train. It started to lightly sprinkle as we ate our doughnuts and walked, and it was just a really fabulous start to my Thursday morning. To be exact, it was one of those times I found lovely

So here's to sharing more of the lovely moments in life, and I hope you do the same!

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  1. Hi Lex! Just started following your cute blog! The picture of the doughnut is making me hungry-haha I completely agree, though, that what some people view as lovely doesn't always affect others the same way. It often has a lot to do with people's personal experiences and memories that they relate to something. Who knew doughnuts could convey such deep emotion? :)