baby growing: week 28

week 28 // 11-12-15 

How far along? 28 weeks.

How big is baby? The size of a Chinese cabbage. (The picture I've linked to made me laugh.)

Total weight gain? 18.5 pounds.

Maternity clothes? Yes. My non-maternity clothes are mostly too small and maternity clothes are just so much more comfy!

Sleep? Ahh. I feel like my sleep did a complete 180 this week! I woke up with some raging heartburn one night this week and - brace yourself - it made me throw up. A lot. (Sorry for sharing.) The next night I was up 3 or 4 times and was certain I was going to throw up at some point. Most nights I've been going to sleep in my bed and then bouncing between that and our recliner each night. All I want for Christmas is to sleep for 9 hours straight. :)

Food cravings? None really.

Food aversions? Maybe chicken a tiny bit? However, I'm avoiding salsa like the plague. Pretty sure that's what made my heartburn so awful on Saturday night.

Movement? Yes!

Belly button in or out? In.

Weird pregnancy things? Regular BH contractions, constant congestion, and some swelling. And I realized this week that I haven't had a headache in months! That's pretty amazing.

Best moment this week? Cafe Rio! :)

Random: a lady at work asked me today if I was having twins. Now I know why pregnant ladies don't like that question, ha.

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