baby growing: week 14

(Truly, I'm a tiny bit sorry that this is going to become a regular thing, ha. I can only imagine how boring it is for the rest of you, but especially those who have already heard all of this. Please feel free to skip over any pregnancy/baby related posts - this is my only "journal" and I want to document the little things/I feel guilty.)
week 14 // 8-11-15

How far along? 14 weeks.

How big is baby? The size of a lemon.

Total weight gain? 1 pound this week! Down 4 from my starting weight.

Maternity clothes? No, still sticking with scrubs and loose clothing

Sleep? I'm sleeping great!

Best moment this week? The bump making its appearance. Hopefully people can tell it's a baby and not just too many cookies!

Food cravings? I really wanted some of Great Harvest's Rosemary Garlic bread this week, but when I stopped by the weekly farmer's market at work, they were all out. It's ridiculous how disappointed I was. Naturally, I drowned my sorrows with a baby loaf of white bread and butter. So not healthy, so didn't care.

Food aversions? I feel like I'm singing the same song each week...still raw meat and uncooked/cooked chicken.

Movement? None.

Belly button in or out? In.

Weird pregnancy things? I've always had frequent headaches (nothing unbearable - more so just annoying), but they've really tapered off the last few months. However, this week I had a migraine that wouldn't go away for 3 days; a few sips of Dr. Pepper and doubling my dose of Tylenol seemed to kick it. (Bless Extra Strength Tylenol.) Also new this week, my head really throbs while walking up stairs or anything with an incline but stops as soon as I get to the top. Fun stuff!

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