last weekend.

Last weekend we stayed at the cutest little inn. The kind of place where they keep fresh chocolate chip cookies on the front desk and have garlands of lights hanging in the courtyard. (Tornado, allergy, and frizzy hair season...yay. ;)
We got up early Saturday morning and went to the temple to do some sealings. (While talking to the other couple in the room, we realized that the husband and I were from the same home town and graduated a few years apart. Small world!) Ben and I took a walk around the grounds when we were done and were amazed by all of the colors!
After leaving the temple, we met some friends at the botanical garden to walk around (free for residents Wednesday & Saturday mornings, ps!) and loved spending time in the sun.

We ended the day by chowing down on pizza with friends, getting a workout in, babysitting, and some lesson planning for Sunday.

At church on Sunday I was called to serve as the secretary in the Relief Society presidency (still a Primary teacher, too, ha!) and Ben lost a Young Men's counselor. Besides that, not an eventful day. We lounged around with friends and partook of a delicious lasagna. ;) 

Weekends are undeniably the best.

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  1. We totally stayed at that inn and it was by far our favorite place! They even upgraded us to the master suite. Glad you're enjoying the "job" :) and congrats on your new calling-you'll do great!!