fam bam in STL.

The best thing about moving away from family is when they come to visit! We were lucky enough to have my parents and brothers hang out in St. Louis for a few days last week and it was a fabulous excuse to use up a few vacation days and eat a few too many calories! We're so lucky that people take the time to come visit us in the hood. (Kidding. It's great and we like St. Louis. :)
^^Brothers are goobers.^^

Since they got in super late Sunday night, we took our sweet time easing into Monday. But. Once we got going, we couldn't be stopped. We saw the Old Courthouse, the Arch, stopped for burgers and fries, walked along The Loop, ate good meat for dinner, and ended up walking almost 20,000 steps that day. Tuesday we braved the rainstorm and explored the Science Center, flew in the simulators, filled up on pizza, and played at the City Museum for a few hours. Sadly, they left us at the end of the day to head to the next stop on their RV tour and Ben and I had to get back to real life. ;)
Come back! We miss you guys!

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