DIY adventure map.

If you're a list maker/visual person like I am, you'll appreciate this fun and decorative DIY project. I love to keep track of things like books I've read, recipes I've tried, and places Ben and I have traveled! I've also been trying to figure out what to hang on the bulletin board in our hallway for a while now and this map seemed like the perfect fit.
After coming across this cute, free(!) printable from Rae Ann Kelly, I immediately downloaded it and sent it over to the UPS store around the corner from my apartment.
Later that afternoon I picked it up and reverted back to my Kindergarten days as I pulled out my markers to add small amounts of color.
I had already stopped by Walmart and picked up a package of map pins (they're like sewing pins but a lot shorter and thicker), so I knew what colors I wanted to stick with.
I decided on what I wanted the different colors to mean and began adding pins to the map. (I took these pictures before I finished adding all of the pins, so it's definitely more colorful than the pictures show.) Yellow is where I've traveled, green is where Ben's traveled, blue is where we've lived, and red is where we've traveled together.
It was such an easy craft to throw together that I've been kicking myself for not thinking of doing this earlier! I love passing it in the hallway and remembering fun vacations that I've been on - definitely something to get me through this overcast, rainy weather we've been having.

Let me know if you end up making a map like this!


  1. Totally copying this! How big did you order the print at UPS?

    1. I had it printed on 11"x17" paper. Definitely love that it's bigger than a regular sheet of paper, but not ginormous!