watching. Parks & Rec.
excited. To go to Chicago this weekend.
loving. Spending time with Ben.
annoyed. With this humidity and how it makes my hair frizzy.
missing. My family.
obsessed. With cleaning.
craving. Raspberries & peaches.
enjoying. Life in general.
wondering. How to motivate myself to get through Stats.
laughing. At Harry Potter memes this morning.
wishing. I could ditch out on work today.
wearing. A button-up shirt, a pencil skirt, and wedges.
drinking. Water, water, and more water.
wanting. A massage and/or pedicure.
looking. For a yoga class.
waiting. For Christmas. :)
smelling. Cherry Blossom lotion from Bath & Body Works.
thinking. About the book I'm reading.
feeling. Happy and busy.
smiling. Over those Harry Potter memes still.

Stole this idea from Simply Clarke because I had no clue what to write about. ;)

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