growing takes some time.

I heard this phrase not too long ago, but it's one that I've been mulling over for the longest time.  (If that even makes sense?)

This past weekend I planted a few little plants.  I bought containers, plants, soil, and even a little watering can.  As I dug the holes for each plant and placed them in the soil, I thought about the quote above.  As I patted down the soil around the little plants and watered them, I thought about the quote above.  As I placed the containers in sun-lit areas, again, I thought about the quote.

As much as I reeeeeally want my plants to grow and start producing immediately (hello, homemade salsa!), I know that it isn't realistic.  I also know that there are things necessary to the success of my teeny, tiny garden--those things work together to create success over time.

I'd venture to say that it's pretty easy to look at baby plants and have patience; however, it's harder to look at things of more importance and have patience.  I'm guilty of it.  Actually, super guilty of it!  There are days I get frustrated with XYZ because it's not perfect now, or not happening in my life now.  When I take a step back, it's clear that I've been trying to rush situations.

At this point in my life, most situations I'm in are in the growing stage.  I'm working on remembering that it takes time for tomato plants to grow and produce results just the same as an education, career, marriage, etc., and that there are small things working together to create success.

All of the best things in life just get better with time, right? :)


  1. Yeah, life is like that. It takes wisdom to see it.

  2. Yeah, life is like that. It takes wisdom to see it.