another what we've been up to post.

Life has been fun and crazy lately, but it's great!

// serving as the Young Men's president at church
// has his thesis proposal meeting coming up in a few short weeks (!!)
// teaching himself some cool hymn arrangements on the guitar

// still teaching the 6-8 year olds in Primary
// working in Cardiology Research
// taking a photography class and dreading starting Statistics this week
// recently discovered Parks & Recreation
// finally unpacked all of our boxes from moving (!!)
// have been watching the World Cup 
// celebrated both of our birthdays
// are trying to eat more fruits and veggies ;)

P.S.  Someone told me that when the edges of your orchid turn white, it means your plant is dying. Anyone know how to save an orchid when that happens??


  1. Parks and Rec every night. About to start season 4!

  2. So glad you discovered Parks and Rec! My husband and i loooovvve it!