21 things i learned (and re-learned) during my 21st year of life.

Thanks to family and friends for making me feel like a million bucks yesterday! I had my hesitations about leaving 21 behind, but we're one day in and so far so good. ;)

21 things I learned (and re-learned) during my 21st year of life
It's okay to spend Friday night at home with no plans.
Getting laid off is no fun.
I can be in a hospital/around blood and not pass out.
Pray, pray, pray.
Cooking is actually fun.
Baking is even more fun.
Don't do business with people you know well.
Doing new things is good for you.
Traveling with your spouse is awesome.
Clothes and makeup don't bring happiness, but they kinda really do at the same time.
People like it when you remember small details they've mentioned.
The best things in life take a lot of work.
Choose good landlords.
Teaching a Primary class can be really frustrating and rewarding.
Sometimes you just need some froyo.
Date nights are the best nights.
Things will always work out.
Spontaneous plans make way better stories.
Peanut butter is delicious.
Stand by what you believe in and don't let others convince you otherwise.
Take a deep breath and start over.


  1. Great lessons to learn! I agree wholeheartedly with the clothes and makeup one ha ha.. they shouldn't bring as much happiness as they do, that's for sure! :)

  2. K these are perfect, yes to all of these! Especially the first one, sometimes the best dates are from home:) And I bet you are the cutest primary teacher!