in which i pretend i can do crafts.

Being a crafty person isn't a talent of mine.  It simply just isn't in my DNA.  (However, I do think I make some pretty mean cinnamon rolls, so that can be my redeeming quality.)  After a quick trip to Michael's last night for a few little supplies I needed for a Primary thing, I came home with some paper flower embellishments (only $2!) that I was dying over.  I'm itching for warmer weather, and the yellow and orange spoke to me. ;)  After hot gluing them to a piece of cardstock paper and throwing it in a frame we got as a wedding gift, I'm going to chalk it up as the cheapest, easiest craft there ever was.  And put it out on display, of course.


  1. Hi Lex! I featured this awesome framed print for this week's Create & Share Party! Yay! It goes live at 6pm PST, so I hope to see you then!