blonde hair & tornadoes & other tidbits.

// I added blonde to my hair this past weekend and subsequently, experienced the grieving process.  There was some denial and anger at first, but I've seen the light and I'm working on accepting the change.  (I'm so dramatic.)  It definitely turned out waaaaay more blonde/light/caramel-y than I was expecting, but it's fun to change things up, right?

// I also got my first parking ticket (during said hair appointment), so that was fun.

// Ben and I went for a walk Saturday night around our new neighborhood and discovered the most delicious little chocolate place ever.  (Probably also the most expensive?  $4 for two little chocolates?!  Robbery, I tell you.)

// We discovered that cinnamon rolls for dinner is always a good choice.

// We discovered that running after eating cinnamon rolls for dinner is never a good choice.

// Being woken up to tornado sirens is a tad annoying.  (Have you heard them before?  They are so loud!  And it's really creepy when the robotic voice starts telling everyone to "take cover now" over and over.)  But who doesn't love meeting their neighbors at 5 am in the basement of their apartment building?  (We were all in pj's and had crazy hair and bad breath.  We bonded, haha.)  So when the second tornado comes through later that evening and you all have to gather downstairs again, it's not as awkward. :)

// We're psyched for General Conference this weekend and think that if you have a few minutes to spare, you should check it out on your tv/computer/phone/iPad/whatever!  It's one of the best sources for receiving guidance in your life, and I always walk away feeling like I can take on the world. :)

Happy weekending to you all!


  1. Girl, your hair looks lovely. I also hate the change and I color my hair exactly the same every single time (no joke, my stylist wrote down my hair color so it's the same every time I go in).....well...just wash it a few times. It'll grow on you :)

  2. So, since I am taking a NT class right now and everything is symbolic, I noticed the tornado "voice of warning" preceded General Conference. Hmmm...the Lord works in mysterious ways.