i will never drive in Chicago ever again.

I'm usually not a very pro-active person.  Oops.

Back in September, Ben and I ventured up to Chicago to visit a cousin (who actually came down this last weekend and partied with us!) and were amazed at all of the freeways that wound throughout the city.  Mid-morning on Sunday, I was at the wheel and trying to find my way from my cousin's apartment onto the the freeway that would bring us back down to St. Louis.

As we pulled onto the "on" ramp, I realized that we would be merging onto the left side of the freeway, and that the freeway was packed with cars going really fast.  The merging part of the lane was basically non-existant...meaning you essentially drove right onto the freeway hoping that no-one would smash into you from behind.

I kind of freaked out.

I hit the brakes and waited and waited and waited for a break in traffic so I could jump in.  Bad idea.  A line of cars quickly formed behind us and they all began honking at me, stressing me out further.  I'm pretty sure they all wanted to ram into the back of my car so I'd least move forward a little. :)

I eventually ended up gunning it and making it onto the freeway in one piece, and swearing an oath that I would never drive in Chicago ever again.

And last week I realized that my experience was pretty typical of how I deal with things.  I'm not a rusher; I'm a procrastinator.  I observe, analyze, wait, maybe freak out some, and then just go for it last minute.  Preparing to teach Primary, getting homework done, going grocery shopping, calling people back, etc.  In the last few weeks, I've dropped the ball on some things.  Things like getting birthday presents out in time or setting up visiting teaching before the last week of the month.  With working full-time, going to school part-time, and taking care of all the little things life throws at you, I'm learning that I have to prioritize and work on things first that need to get done.  I may have missed the mark this week with homework (made the deadline with 20 minutes to spare, haha), but I did plan out my Primary lesson in advance and I've been better at responding to people.  I'm slowly finding balance in all aspects of my life and I'm happier when I don't feel rushed.  I may not have everything under control or have a plan for everything yet, but I think I'm making progress.

No more last minute gunning it.  I prefer smooth rides.


  1. Ohhh man you braked?! That's insanity. I often drive in LA and those freeways are seriously stressful! I'm not so great at merging by myself, sooo I make hubby drive if possible. You and I have the same primary teaching style haha.

  2. I'm a really big fan of your outfit and the kissing selfie going down in the background.