this post really makes zero sense.

Although our weekend was packed, we managed to squeak in a Sunday walk around the Arch grounds and along the riverfront.  Please notice that small white dot in the bottom left corner of the last picture.  That is a guy fishing.  I don't know why that's relevant or why I felt the need to share.

In other news...
My current job ends on Friday.
My new job starts on Monday!
We put another offer in on a house.
My friend made samoa brownies this weekend that were amazing.
BYU won the football game.  Soundly.
I finally got some BBQ from this famous place.
And lastly, the sky put on a pretty great show.
I'd say it was a pretty good weekend.

This was taken on the freeway (while Ben was driving!) at 60 mph, so don't judge the photo.  Just admire the sunbeams. :)

Congrats on almost making it through Monday!


  1. You found a JOB! congratulations, Lex! Best of luck :)

  2. That's an awesome picture of the sky! Hey ! I found your blog from the blog hop! New follower :) Saw you're from Utah! Me too! Anyways just thought i'd say hi!