the wedding details: part 2

I knew that I wanted our invitations to be a tad bit on the formal side, and was telling our photographer during our engagement shoot that I hadn't seen anything out there that I loved.  She mentioned that she designs wedding invitations too, so we ended up having her do them for us, which was awesome!  They were printed on ivory paper that had a little bit of a shimmer to it with a light champagne/gold design around the edges, and a bellyband that held the picture, invitation, and temple/luncheon cards together.  I thought they turned out great, but...I'm biased.  :)
(Awful lighting, but you get the idea.)

From the beginning, we had planned on Ben buying a suit to wear instead of renting a tux.  We hit up the President's Day sale at Men's Warehouse and after spending hours (and hours and hours) there, we ended up with Ben's wedding attire, groomsmen attire, and suits for our dads.  The poor salesmen at Men's Warehouse had to deal with my mom and me running in every couple days to see if the suits would match other clothes and whatnot while the suits were being altered.  Let's just say I'm just grateful I don't have to go back anytime soon. :)

Even though it's been done over and over again, thanks to Pinterest, we decided to do a candy table as our wedding "thank you."  We had our photographer print stickers with the center design thing that was on our invitation, and we stuck them on clear bags.  My mom ran all over Utah County and Salt Lake County collecting candy in our colors.  You'd be surprised how hard it is to find different shades of pink and light yellow candy.  :)  We borrowed the frame from our photographer (you'll see it again in another post) and painted a piece of thin wood with chalkboard spray paint so we could write on it.  The ribbons came from Hobby Lobby and the Dear Lizzie boutique in Highland.

Wedding cake was never something that I had dreamed about, so when it came time to choose what we wanted, I had no clue.  I knew that I like round cakes better than square, and I wanted it to be fairly simple.  My mom heard from one of our neighbors about a lady in Pleasant Grove who makes cakes, so we set up an appointment to go meet with her and discuss everything.  Not going to lie, it was pretty overwhelming.  Too many flavors, colors, frosting types, etc. to choose from.  We ended up going with an ivory/cream color, simple designs, a ribbon around the middle cake, and real flowers in the middle.  Simple and not overly exciting, but perfect for us.  When we met with the lady at the reception center to plan everything out, we chose the dessert buffet option for the reception.  Guests could choose from 12 different kinds of cakes as well as wedding cake.  The best part is that we didn't have to spend the few days leading up to the wedding in the kitchen baking all of those desserts.  :)

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  1. Your cake is so beautiful!! I LOVED looking through these. I'm doing series on my wedding right now, too!