the wedding details: part 1.

Continuing on with wedding posts this week...

The first thing I did was buy my wedding dress, naturally.  ;)  My mom, sister, and I went dress shopping while Ben was in St. Louis for his interview and spent an hour at Bridal Expressions in Sandy, UT before I found my dress.  And it was on sale.  Score.  (Please note that this freaked Ben out.  He couldn't believe that I had already found a dress 3 days later, haha.)

When Ben got back, we sat down to try and find a wedding date, and just could not find a time that we both wanted.  One of us wanted spring.  One of us wanted late summer (cough, me, cough.  I thought I'd need longer to plan the wedding). After figuring out things like our housing contracts and family members' schedules, we decided to go with April 20--the day after Winter semester ended at BYU.

The next item on our list was booking a sealing room at the LDS Mt. Timpanogos temple for the actual wedding ceremony, and then finding a place to have our reception.  We went with White Willow Reception Center in Provo, UT, which was just amazing.  My mom and I met with the owner for an hour to give her all of our requests, and she did everything for us!  Flowers, luncheon, dessert, etc.  Everything.  It was the best decision we could have made.  The venue was just lovely and we loved the old antique house look!

My friend's mom recommended the photographer they had recently used for their family pictures.  We checked out Maria's site, and loved her photography!  Since we only had 10 weeks to plan our wedding, we scheduled our engagement pictures for the next week.  It was such a fun shoot!  Maria made us laugh and laugh, and acted more like a friend/older sibling than a photographer.


  1. Yeah, those were the fun parts. Good times.

  2. cutest engagement photos! i know what you mean about needing time to plan- i planned my wedding in a month! craziest month of my life, but so entirely worth it :)

  3. soooo cute! i can't believe youve been married a whole year now!! :)) congrats girl!

  4. I loooove your engagements, and that temple is beautiful! Temple marriages are the BOMB, I always love to know where Mormon couples were sealed.

  5. Your engagement photos are gorgeous!