city living.

We're city dwellers, for those of you who don't know.  We live a stone's throw away from the St. Louis Arch and love it!  Our apartment is on the 28th floor of our building (Elevators are on my list of top 10 favorite inventions since, you know, it's a 5 minute walk up those stairs from the lobby to our floor. And we all know I'm too lazy to do that each time ;)), and there's a rubbish chute on each floor.  (I feel so English each time I ask Ben to take the trash to the rubbish chute, ha.)  As you walk out of our building and walk down the street, you'll pass an Asian restaurant, dry cleaners, convenience stores, touristy shops, a bakery, Starbucks, a little bookstore, a store with things for left handed people (still confused about this one...), 5 star restaurants and steak houses, multiple hotels, and apartment buildings.  Oh, and we live right across from a high-security Federal Reserve building where they shred "retired" money.

We deal with crazy taxi drivers and large groups of tourists.  We deal with crowds for Cardinals games (baseball) and Rams games (football).  We deal with traffic for marathons, festivals, and your average everyone-meet-at-the-bar-and-go-crazy traffic.

But it's great.  For now, we love our tiny apartment with a view of the Mississippi River.

(Pictures from our fro-yo break and walk around the Arch grounds between LDS General Conference sessions.)


  1. I'm a leeeeetle jealous of your city life right now, haha. The town we're living in this year is teeny tiny. Like our resturaunts include Mcdonalds, burger king, wendys, taco bell, applebees and ruby tuesday. That's pretty much it, haha! Except, wow, all those stairs! that would totally kill my pregnant self...that goodness for elevators. :)

    1. Hey, you can never go wrong with some Spicy Chicken Nuggets and a Frosty from Wendy's though! ;) I guess that could put a damper on date nights or anniversary dinners...haha.