jumbled (pointless) thoughts.

I'm having trouble coming up with Christmas gifts for my younger brothers.  They're too old for toys, and too young for "trendy" clothes.  Heaven knows they don't need any candy...

I did, however, have the greatest time coming up with a list for Ben of things I want for Christmas.

I hear peppermint hot chocolate is muy delicioso and I'm dying to try some.

I'm still reading Dracula, but am quickly losing interest seeing as Halloween is long past.  I have this internal battle raging inside of me between looking up the ending on SparkNotes or sticking it out and just finishing it.

We're super excited to go to Colorado for Thanksgiving!  Can't wait to see family, eat some Cafe Rio(!!!), and travel more than 30 minutes away from home.

I'm excited to use my turkey plates when the missionaries come over for dinner in the next two weeks.

Our ward does a Thanksgiving dinner each year.  I swear they have a get together or some kind of party once a month.  Don't worry, we're definitely taking some kind of Utah jello dish.

I got a great new Fall sweater tonight.  Ben is the greatest!

Watching the presidential election is intense!  I love America.  (Did anyone see the guy in the orange tie??  So shocked he wasn't wearing blue or red.)

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