everyone you meet.

I work with some pretty amazing people.  They come from all over the world and have had experiences I will probably never have.  They each bring a new perspective and way of thinking to the table (literally--gotta love lab meetings.), and it amazes me that a group of people can all think so differently.

Today at work, our department had a poster event for post- and pre-docs here at the university, so I had the opportunity to talk to one of my co-workers for a couple of hours as we kept an eye on the food and made sure the coolers were stocked with enough pop.  It was really interesting to hear about her life, schooling, years raising kids, and going back to school.  But through all of that, she said one thing that really stood out to me.

"I try to learn something from everyone I meet.  Even people I talk to for a minute and will never see again can teach me something."

Like, woah.

But in all seriousness, what an awesome perspective to have on meeting new people.  And what a great example.

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