focusing on the significant.

 I've been on this little quest for the past few weeks--working on figuring out what's important in my life and what can be cut out in order to declutter my schedule, relationships, and my mind.  I spent 30 minutes last night deleting over 300 people on Facebook that I'll never see again, and there are still many more to go.  Last weekend, I tried to focus on finding a home for all of those piles of things that kind of build up over time, and worked on finishing up little projects that needed to be done.  I went through my closet and cleaned out clothes I haven't worn in the past year. I even cleaned out the fridge.  (And I really hate cleaning out the fridge.)  I do, however, love these times where I feel the need to organize my life and get rid of things that take up my time and thoughts that are truly of no importance.  

I want to be better at taking the time to call the people I care about, and spending less time on social media.  I want to be better at sticking to a schedule and having an allotted time for each activity in my life.  I want to be better at working on homework and spend less time dilly-dallying around.  I want to be better at eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and working out more.  I want to be better at putting more effort into my church responsibilities and calling.  I want to be a better wife.  I want to be a better daughter and sister.  I want to be a better friend. 

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  1. I absolutely love taking time to "declutter" my life. It gives such a good perspective on what's most important in life. :)