best moments of the weekend:

+ using a Cheesecake Factory giftcard for date night & the Oreo cheesecake
+ breaking out the Christmas music (too soon? eh.)
+ sunshine and 70 degree weather
+ our ward Thanksgiving dinner
+ finishing up a million little projects
+ finally watching the new Spiderman movie
+ church meetings & visiting teaching some awesome ladies
+ watching the thunderstorm
+ talking to family
+ dinner and a Christmas movie with friends
+ not thinking about school or work aaaallllllllll weekend long!

...and there's a 30% chance it'll snow around 2 am!  ;)  I've got my fingers crossed and Josh Groban's Christmas cd playing in the hopes that Mother Nature will send a small snowstorm our way.  All of those pictures of Utah and Idaho on Instagram are making me jealous.

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  1. Well we definitely got snow! Sounds like a good weekend!