i haven't washed my hair in 3 days.

Lately I've been slacking in the housewife department.  You know, like not making dinners or doing laundry or even making the bed in the morning.  So for dinner last night, between studying up on mortgages and loans and other really fun {sarcasm} details like interest and inflation, we pulled a Costco pizza out of the freezer and made do.  As if it really helps, we had some salad from a bag too.  *crickets chirping*  I know, fail.

This is just part of what makes finals weeks so... torturous fun.

I guess the best part of studying/finals week would be taking breaks.  Going for a walk around the neighborhood with B and having the kids we teach on Sundays yell hello from down the street.  Or eating watermelon together at midnight while watching an episode of This Old House (It's actually pretty neat--don't judge ;) before finally heading to bed at 2 am.

But to be honest, I'm grateful for all of it. 

A little pressure never killed anyone.
(Except maybe that spider I found on the bathroom floor this morning...)


  1. During finals everyone sucks at the housewife department. I don't think I did dishes at all during finals...poor Josh. So much easier to be a wife when not in school.

  2. finals week it should be illegal for me to walk out in public haha! love the blog! xoxo