dear baby,

My professor for my Parenting & Child Guidance class asked us all in class today to take ten minutes and write a letter to our future firstborn.  If you think it's super easy to write a letter to someone who doesn't yet exist, you're wrong.

#1.  I could not for the life of me think of how to start this letter. 

Dear future baby,
Dear _______,
Oh hey there!
Hi.  I'm your mom.

I figured it'd be safer just to skip that part for now.

#2.  What was I supposed to talk about?

This is me writing you a letter...
I think your father is attractive.
Could you maybe wait for Dad and I to pay off the car before you come?
Babies are cute.  I hope you're cute and grow hair before you're three.
I shouldn't have worn a dress today because this classroom is freezing!

How in the world was I going to fill ten whole minutes?

#3.  The closing.

You're the best,
Hope you're doing great and having a good time,
Keep your siblings in line up there,

I figured ending with just a "Love," was perfectly fine.

Okay, so all kidding aside, it wasn't a terribly easy assignment at the beginning but things slowly began to pick up.  After I figured out a greeting and what general direction I wanted to take, I literally felt like I could have filled over an hour of things I want that future child to know.  Words of advice, or telling that baby about me and who I am, or sharing the things I love with him/her.  Telling him/her about the wonderful people he/she will be associated with, and what great examples they are.  Or telling him/her about how I won't be the perfect mom, but I'll try to do my very best.

And I might have teared up a little while pouring my heart into that letter today,
because that future baby will be loved and so very, very wanted.

- - - - - - - - - -

On another note, here's a cute video for you.


  1. i was asked to do the same thing in a child development class once. the teacher made us turn them in and promised to give them back but he never did, to say the very least i was pretty upset.

  2. okay that is the cutest video i have ever seen! it just makes me want to have kids more than i already do! adorable, seriously.
    & i totally understand about the letter to your baby. you have so much you want to tell them but it's so hard to get it started.

  3. this made me tear up a bit.
    i love your blurg ps.

    i dont know you but i totes am gonna be your newest blog stalker :)