baby growing: week 25

Oh, hey! Another photo from yesterday's post. I'm all about doubling up and going the easy route. ;) 
week 25 // 10-22-15 
How far along? 25 weeks.

How big is baby? The size of a rutabaga.

Total weight gain? 15.5 pounds.

Maternity clothes? For the most part.

Sleep? I wake up a few times a night to switch sides, but no issues with insomnia so far!

Food cravings? I didn't really have any strong cravings this week. Although I wouldn't have turned down anything with sugar or ground beef. (Actually I take that back about no cravings - a panini with pesto sounded really good at midnight last night. . .)

Food aversions? Still not a fan of preparing raw chicken and I'm trying to stay away from anything too spicy.

Movement? Yup!

Belly button in or out? In.

Weird pregnancy things? Broke out in hives this week. . .looks like I'm allergic to the baby. Haha. Kidding. My heartburn has started acting up each time I eat or drink anything, so I've been trying a few different over-the-counter meds. Fingers crossed something works!

Best moment this week? Had an appointment with the doctor and everything looks good. Plus, the whole appointment took 10 minutes total and that deserves a fist pump or two. :)

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