first trimester helps.

There are lots of things I would never wish on someone: cancer, homelessness, blowing a tire on the freeway, being framed for a crime, canned black olives, shrinking new clothes in the dryer, being forced to kill a giant spider, a bad hair day, and constant morning sickness. Sure, I haven't experienced half of those, but canned black olives are no joke.

I'd also argue that constant morning sickness is no joke--but it's bearable when you find what works for you. I feel like it took me a rather long time to figure out what worked for me and my nausea, whereas some women figure it out quickly. I guess I just like to do things the hard way. :)
Here's what worked for me...

1 // Plain, simple snack foods. Basically, anything that didn't have too much flavor. My go-to's were saltines, animal crackers, fruit snacks, and dry cereal. I found that if I ate something as soon as I woke up (literally, the moment I opened my eyes! I kept a box of cereal on my nightstand.) and if I continued to eat something (anything!) every 2 hours, I didn't throw up as much. Constantly keeping some fruit snacks and a bag of animal crackers in my bag was a lifesaver on more than one occasion. In fact, since I'm still getting nauseous and throwing up every once in a while, I keep 1-2 snacks in my purse at all times.

2 // Gatorade and Sprite. Hydration, hydration, hydration. I quickly learned that throwing up was even worse when you haven't been drinking very much. I've never been a fan of soda/carbonation, but Sprite really helped with my upset stomach and those times when food sounded like the worst thing in the world, it was nice having something in the fridge to fall back on.

3 // Unisom + Vitamin B6. Okay, if I were the kind of person to worship things, I'd worship this drug combo all day long. This stuff saved me. My doctor wouldn't prescribe Zofran since he's against it (he's also just a weird guy in general and I'm looking for a new doctor) and basically told me to call him if I was still sick at 14 weeks. Since I was convinced at one point I was going to throw up an organ wasn't okay with that, I started googling things and found that taking 25mg of Vitamin B6 and 1/2 of a Unisom (two thumbs up for the cheap knock-off brand!) at night worked for severe morning sickness. I always took/take mine at night since Unisom is a sleep-aid and I didn't want to be falling asleep at work, and they seemed to last until the next evening. I only wish I had discovered this sooner!

4 // Ziplock baggies. It's gross, but these were great for throwing up. I didn't even think of using ziplock baggies until my mom gave me a handful as we headed out the door to drive home from Utah. They fold up small and are easy to stash in your purse or in the car door, they contain the smell (so gross- I can't believe I'm blogging about this), and they're mess to wash out/clean.

5 // Preggie Pops. A girl at work recommended trying Preggie Pops. I bought the kind with vitamin B6 added and they helped quite a bit the first week or two that I had morning sickness before it got worse. They're especially helpful when you can feel the nausea coming on but can't entertain the thought of eating anything.

6 // Sleep. So simple, so helpful! Days when the morning sickness was really bad, I'd come home from work and sleep for an hour or two before Ben got home and then I'd end up going to bed early so I could get 9-10 hours each night. It definitely wasn't productive, but it helped!

7 // Ice water. I've been a little turned off from the taste of water the last few months, but I found that drinking ice water (or just really cold water) helps with the taste and I was/am able to get my recommended amount. 

Let me know if you have any morning sickness tips or tricks! Anything is appreciated!


  1. Oh girl, I feel for you! Morning sickness is the absolute worst and I can't believe you are still dealing with it! Good thing you get a super cute baby out of all of this in a few months, right?

  2. What a rough patch. So sorry you've had to deal with this. The ziplock baggies though? Brilliant.
    Although I don't have personal experience with this, my friend swears by sucking on those old fashioned lemon heads candies. Good luck, future-mama!

  3. Baggies are smart! I once threw up out the car window at 65mph. Theeee worst. I was sick all nine months with Els, zofran saved my life.