catching up.

You know when you discover a food that you love and you eat it every chance you get for weeks, months, maybe even years? And then in one strange moment you realize it's not appealing. At all. You're confused of course, because hello, your favorite food. (Maybe just me? Definitely went through a Pork & Beans phase, a Top Ramen phase, a mandarin orange phase, an oatmeal phase, etc. while in my youth - some lasting for years.)

Well, my friends, that same thing happened to me with blogging. It was sandwiched on my list of delightful activities between cleaning toilets and lugging groceries up two flights of stairs; essentially it became a chore. Granted, it was a self-imposed, non-essential chore and because it was so non-essential, I happily let it fall to the wayside without a care. But now I'm kind of wishing that I'd kept up the last two months with posting pictures or just the basics because I don't document life anywhere else. Everyone has things they're really great at, and for me writing in a journal is sandwiched between rapping and making bundt cakes (totally awful at both... don't ask me to try either) (lots of "sandwiches" today - must be hungry).

So what have we been up to for the last two months? Moving, surviving crazy Airbnb guests, going on bike rides, celebrating our birthdays, cleaning up after a flood in the basement and garage, avoiding unpacking because it's the worst, watching baseball, indulging in Netflix marathons, partying for a weekend with the girls, working more hours in three weeks than I ever thought possible, driving out west to visit family, and celebrating my best friend.

It's been busy. Especially the Netflix part.

 ^^Ben bought me a bike. We flooded. We flooded some more.^^
^^Mormon Night @ the Cardinals. Girls' weekend in St. George. Road trip out west to see family.^^
^^Jackson Hole, WY. Best burger & fry sauce of my life. Sister-in-law's graduation.^^
^^Sister-in-law went through the temple. Baby shower for my BFF. Park City with the family.^^

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