one year older and wiser, too!

One of my favorite things about Ben is that he puts up with my love of birthdays and cake and buying presents even though that's not his thing. And he doesn't mind when I have to make sure that the wrapping paper matches the sprinkles on the cake, or even when I sing the birthday song to him in a fake opera voice. He's one of my favorite people to celebrate and he's patient with me when I get a bit carried away. ;)
(Long side note: Before we even started dating, a group of us in our singles ward got together on Sunday nights to watch a movie from the Star Wars series. Mostly because I had never seen all of the movies, and especially not in order. (Gasp! The horror.) It was around November/December - a time when the stores were filled with festive M&M's, some of which Ben had never tried before. One night he and I made a late night grocery store run to get different kinds of M&M's and we ended up sharing some coconut M&M's and some mint M&M's. Now, whenever I see the little coconut or mint candies I think of Ben and associate the two with dating him.)

Thanks for being born, Ben! :)

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