party in a box.

One of my coworkers recently brought to my attention that you can have candy delivered to your doorstep. Candy. Delivered. To you. It struck me the moment she mentioned this that I must have a bigger sweet tooth than I realized if she thought of me as soon as she heard about the subscription, ha. Guess it's just how the cookie crumbles... (See what I did there?) Her suggestion also reminded me there was a whole monthly subscription world and I was curious to see what other awesome subscriptions were out there.

Escape Monthly: $49.95/month. Each month subscribers are sent a box of products--food, beauty products, photos, travel guides, jewelry, oils, etc.--from a specific location somewhere around the world. Great for people who want to travel but don't have the money/time/health to do so!

Popsugar: $39.95/month. The latest and greatest beauty, health, fashion, food, and home goods. Each box is guaranteed to contain $100+ worth of goods.

Stitch Fix: $20/month. Submit your style preferences and clothes sizes and they send you a few clothing items to add to your wardrobe. Don't like it? Send it back. The $20/month cost goes towards the cost of whatever items you keep. Basically, you're paying a stylist to find the perfect items for you while you go about your business, and that deserves two thumbs up in my book.

Dollar Shave Club: $1-$9/month. Each month subscribers choose which razor out of three they'd like, along with 4-5 replacement blades. Inexpensive and completely useful.

Julep Maven: $19.99/month. This nail polish and beauty products subscription offers you the choice each month of 5 different boxes. You can always skip a month if you don't like what they're offering or upgrade for a little bit more.

Glossy Box: $21/month. This beauty and makeup subscription send 4-5 full-sized products/items each month. I have a few friends who have tried this one and like it quite a bit more than Birchbox.

Ozone Sock Club: $12.50/month. Receive a fun pair of Ozone socks each month. They guarantee $250 worth of socks for $150 total.

Fabletics: $49.95/month. Each month you're sent a few workout clothing items based off of your style and exercise preferences. They're high quality items and come in all colors and patterns. You can skip a month if you don't want anything, or you can buy complete outfits.

Phone Case of the Month: $10/month. Have an iPhone and love phone cases? Each month they send their subscribers a limited edition case.

Pijon Box: $29/month. This college care package subscription box is for male and female students alike. Each box includes 5-6 products from the following categories: accessories, gadgets, beauty, food, health, and snacks.

Cate & Chloe VIP: $39.99/month. A jewelry subscription that send you 2 items spaced throughout the month. You're guaranteed monthly $200+ worth of jewelry.

Candy Club: $19.99/month. You're sent 3 lbs of gourmet candies and chocolates each month, and you can skip months you don't want to receive anything.

Graze: $6.99/month. Four healthy & delicious snacks are sent to you each month. A portion of the proceeds go to farmers in Uganda, so you're killing two birds with one stone.

The Cravory: $19/month. This subscription sends you a dozen tasty and fun cookies monthly, some of which are the new flavor of the month.

Citrus Lane: $27/month. Toys, books, and goodies delivered monthly to you and your little one. You can customize your box around the age of your child/children.

BroBox: $14.95/month. This monthly subscription for men includes everything from grooming products to snacks to fitness items. The more you schedule your boxes, the cheaper it gets.

Have you ever had a monthly subscription?
What was it to and how did you like it?

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