"these are a few of my favorite things"

receiving flowers
sleeping in
finding notes in the mail
going to the temple
date night
trying new restaurants
boarding a plane
Cafe Rio pork & tomatillo dressing
buying something I want or need for a good deal
clever memes
going to bed after a long, productive day
soft and warm pj's
being home while it's raining
stripes and polka dots
organizing and cleaning
clean comedy shows
fresh, warm bread
trying new things
planning a vacation
decorating for a holiday
knowing I did my best on a task
figuring something out that confused me before
surprising someone
being surprised
entertaining YouTube and Vine videos
Amazon Prime
girls' nights and chick flicks
an empty laundry basket
new makeup
funny things kids say
pico de gallo and tortilla chips
finishing a project
wrapping up in a blanket
Christmas & church music

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