// I just started listening to The Book Thief and I'm loving it thus far. We also watched The Imitation Game this past weekend and rather enjoyed it. Anything WWII is my favorite.

// Because I was promoted to a clinical position at work, I had to get a drug screening done. Instead of having you pee in a cup, they shave a 1" x 1" square in the back of your head. I've never felt so attached to my hair.

// I read an article this week that ranked the top 10 worst cities to live in if you have allergies. Of course, St. Louis made that list. Ha. My eyes and nose can testify of the validity of that statement.
// I'm 24 days into the Whole 30 program and last night I had my first dream about food. Snowcones, to be exact. Am I dying for sugar, or am I dying for summer? Probably both...

// For 3.02938 seconds, Ben and I considered spontaneously going to Ireland until we realized that would be an incredibly stupid financial decision for us right now. It was a fun 3.02938 seconds though and I can't stop looking at Groupon vacation packages.

// I recently created a Goodreads account and love that it allows you to keep a list of books you want to read! Do you have an account? Let's be friends! (Random fact: I like to read multiple books all at the same time.)

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