ugly christmas sweaters everyone needs in their life.

Lately, I've been researching ugly Christmas sweaters because I think they're hilarious. I feel like stores have been exceeding my (honestly, pretty low) expectations and creating some true masterpieces. No, no ugly Christmas sweater parties for us this year, but maybe you have one coming up! Without further ado, my absolute favorites:
Thanks to Home Alone, this was a common phrase heard around my house growing up. If anything, I need this sweater for the memories, right? ;) Found here. Also comes in red. ($21)

Let's be honest. If you were to wear this sweater of a pug with sparkly antlers, you will be the talk of the party--for better or for worse. ;) Found here. ($27)

There's no denying it. Frozen took over Halloween this year with every little girl dressing up like Queen Elsa, and now Olaf will be taking over Christmas. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Found here. ($25-$35)

Amazing. Just amazing. There's a pocket to put your iPad in, so don't forget to download a fireplace picture (or video for a cooler effect!). I'll be honest, I want this one more than I want a plate of mint brownies...and that's saying something. Found here. ($70)

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" quite like an electrocuted cat (who is still smiling) decked out in Christmas lights! Found here. ($40)

My first question is who doesn't want to wear a kitten in a basket on their chest? My second question is who decided that small animals should be put on Christmas sweaters? Found here. ($25)

Happy 1st of December!


  1. Living in South Africa, Christmas is in Summer for us so we don't get a chance to wear ugly sweaters! But this year, we will be in London and I cannot wait to wear mine x

  2. Lately, I've been researching ugly Christmas sweaters because I think ...