I had quite a bit of time to kill the other day while I was stuck waiting at an eye appointment, and since I had forgotten to bring a book, I quickly got bored. After doing some app hopping (you know, going through all of your apps and spending a minute or two in each), I landed on Facebook. The thought popped in my mind to find out what my very first picture on Facebook was, so I did some scrolling and finally got to the very, very bottom. Behold, my first picture on Facebook:
There are so many great things going on in this picture.

1 // let's acknowledge the fact that I have Satan eyes.
2 // how cool is it that my date was able to find a tie that matched my dress exactly?
3 // I look like a baby. A 16-year old baby, that is.
4 // there is a real gazebo over our heads (one of the legs is right behind me). The kid whose mom put the dinner together went to great measures.
5 // my posture is atrocious.
What's your first picture on Facebook? :)

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  1. My first picture on facebook is of me in drama class in grade 9, also looking like a baby haha