a secret, a challenge, and the results.

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the book swap I'm hosting! I'm pretty excited about it since we have quite a few women from all around the country signed up to participate. :)

Hello, I'm Lex and I have flaws.

Here's a little secret about me: I can be quite the grumpy gus sometimes which results in me not being the nicest person. Poor Ben has to deal with Grumpy Lex most mornings as I begin to wake up and get myself into the shower (reeeeeally not a morning person and probably never will be). And sometimes he gets the wrath of Grumpy Lex when I'm starving, super tired, stressed from having so much to do, or when I clean the house and it's a disaster 3 hours later. ;)

However, I recently printed out this quote and put it where I would see it each day because I felt like it was exactly what I've been needing to work on. President Monson's challenge became my own personal little challenge. Instead of thinking mean thoughts about drivers when they'd cut me off, I forced myself to get over it immediately and think of a few things I'm grateful for. Instead of becoming annoyed or agitated throughout the day when I'd get a headache or end up a little hungry at times, I challenged myself to think of others when those emotions would start to creep up on me. I'd send a text to someone, send a Facebook message, or make cookies to take to a friend if my schedule allowed - and guess what?

1) I've been a much nicer person to be around the past little while, and 2) I've perfected my Reese's Peanut Butter cookie recipe. Double bonus. You could say I'm a big fan of taking President Monson's counsel and putting it into action. :)

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Hi, I'm also Lex and have the same flaws. ;)
    Totally going to try it your way, love the ideas of thinking of others and sending a simple message.
    Oh, and love the cookie idea. ;)

  2. That's an awesome idea! I get super grumpy when I'm hungry :/ Its such a problem. I'm sure I could find something about being more patient and try the same thing!