along the journey.

In this old world, all of us get a little nicked and scarred, beat up here and there. We become damaged in some ways, and we probably do more damage to others than we’d like to think. Along the journey, we become a bit jaded, weary and wary, and it’s easier to mistrust than trust, easier to abandon hope than harbor it, and perhaps for good reason. We have to protect ourselves. It’s a part of life, unfortunately; part of what we all experience.

Maybe that’s why we all need to hold a newborn every so often. Looking into the eyes of an infant, all you can see is peace and innocence. And if you look a little deeper into a baby’s eyes, perhaps you can see hope and sweetness in the reflection of your own face. Babies give us the chance to leave one world and enter a better one.

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This little one belongs to a friend of mine from church. She was born last week and is the sweetest thing! Taking her photos was so much fun. . .and much easier than trying to get photos of a toddler! ;)

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