these little piggies went to market.

The Soulard Farmers Market is one of my favorite things in St. Louis. Tons of produce, freshly baked bread, big hunks of meat displayed for all to see, mini donuts, all different kinds of pastas and soaps and clothes. I'm pretty convinced that they sell everything and anything at the farmers market. And the samples are the best part!
Some friends invited us to tag along with them this past Saturday, and I'm pretty sure that we all walked away with way more than we were looking for (hello, two racks of baby back ribs and enough food to feed an army). The nice thing is that everything is so cheap and delicious enough to make it worth it! If you live in the area, I'd definitely recommend checking it out at least once. :) The people watching alone is worth it!

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  1. How fun!! I have been dying to go to a farmers market this summer and pick up some fresh produce. This makes me want to go even more :)